The health advisory at Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir, which has been in place since summer, has been lifted.

South Central Public Health District and the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) lifted the advisory on Monday, saying in a news release that recent tests have shown that micro-toxins are now at safe levels in the water.

The advisory was put in place this summer because of harmful algae bloom (HAB) at the reservoir. Such blooms contain toxins that are harmful to people and pets.

Salmon Falls is the second reservoir this fall to have its health advisory lifted. The health district and DEQ lifted the advisory on Oct. 3 at Magic Reservoir. However, HAB health advisories remain in place at Mormon Reservoir and Thorn Creek Reservoir, under advisory since late July and August, respectively.

HABs typically shrink quickly as the water temperature drops in mid to late fall, according to the health district, but public health officials are urging people to still use caution at waters that still have an advisory in place.

“Even though the health advisory is lifted for Magic and Salmon Falls Creek reservoirs,” SCPHD Public Health Program Manager Josh Jensen said in a statement, “it’s important to stay observant and careful in and around areas where algal blooms are still present.”

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