BOISE, Idaho (AP) — An Idaho Republican group is taking criticism after displaying a cardboard cutout depicting President Donald Trump holding Hillary Clinton in a headlock at the Western Idaho Fair.

The cutout first appeared Friday night at the Ada County Republicans' booth. By Saturday afternoon, it was no longer on display but still located at the GOP fair booth, the Idaho Statesman reported.

Anita Leatham, a precinct committeewoman who volunteered at the booth Sunday, said anyone who wanted to take a photo with the cutout could do so outside of the booth.

Diana Lachiondo, a Democratic candidate for Ada County commissioner, posted a photo of the cutout on her Facebook page around 2 p.m. Saturday. She called the display "juvenile and pretty un-classy, not to mention that it seems to promote violence against women." By Sunday afternoon, her post had been shared more than 650 times and garnered nearly 400 comments decrying the cutout as "tasteless," ''vile," ''disgusting" and "shameful."

"I'm proud to have friends of all political stripes and I don't believe the Republicans I know would support this. It really is beneath them and the party of Lincoln," Lachiondo wrote.

Sharon Ullman, the Republican nominee for a different commissioner seat, agreed. Ullman said she reached out "behind the scenes" on Friday night and Saturday to ask fellow Ada County Republicans to remove the display. Photos of fair attendees with the cutout were deleted from the Ada County Republicans' Facebook page, as well.

"It's not the image that I think the Ada County Republicans or the Idaho Republicans or I want to project," Ullman said Sunday. "The concept of violence bothers me in any context. It's not what we stand for."

It wasn't clear Sunday who decided to erect the cutout, or later made the final call to take it down. Early that afternoon, it sat tucked away under a table in a cardboard envelope addressed to Ryan Davidson, chairman of the Ada County Republicans.

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