I love fair seasons around the area. The Twin Falls County Fair is coming up quickly but it is going to go by fast. Now is the time to prepare for all the things you definitely want to do during fair week. Trust me on this one.

The Tater Pig

You have to get a tater pig. It is a baked potato with sausage in it and all the toppings of a baked potato, and more. It is a Twin Falls Fair staple that you cannot live without.

The Rides

The rides every year are a ton of fun. The lines aren't usually too bad and, honestly, is it really a carnival if you haven't been swung in circles for so long you are dizzy and need to puke? Just don't eat the tater pig right before the Gravitron. (Is that even a thing anymore?)

Scotty McCreery, Duh!

The Twin Falls County Fair concert is absolutely amazing. It is a great venue, there isn't a bad seat in the house, and Scotty McCreery is going to be epic! Definitely need to see that show.

Idaho Nachos

This list is going to have a lot of food on it, but that's what we need. Idaho nachos at the fair just taste better. If you have never had Idaho nachos or don't know what they are, think nachos, but instead of all that deliciousness on chips, it's on fries. You're welcome.

The Petting Zoo

I spend all my money on the petting zoo every single year. Petting and feeding all the animals just brings joy to my life, and it will bring joy to yours too. Last year, I got to kiss a llama. Yep, be jealous.

Dutch Oven Food

The dutch oven food is to die for. The vendor who serves it really knows what they are doing. It is definitely a must-try if you have never had it.

The Rodeo

It is an epic few nights of rodeo. Who doesn't love a good rodeo? Complete with mutton bustin' too!

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