From 210,000 to 290,000 when it comes to median price of a home in Twin Falls.  Twin Falls City Manager Travis Rothweiler shared with me the numbers.  This is still a bargain compared to Ada County, where the median is now above 500,000 dollars.

She paid just under 150,000 dollars at the time.  Her home is now valued in excess of a quarter million dollars.

One of my coworkers bought a house in the city five years ago.  She paid just under 150,000 dollars at the time.  Her home is now valued in excess of a quarter million dollars.  When does it end?  Rothweiler suggests it may not come to a halt for a very long time.

One solution is to build more and more homes.  Which requires available builders.  Southern Idaho is currently experiencing a labor shortage.  As of the last update from the state of Idaho, only 800 people in Twin Falls are listed as unemployed.  Of those, many may not be reliable on building sites or have the skills necessary for the work.  Help wanted signs are displayed throughout the city and there is fierce competition for workers.

There are also businesses still planning expansions and a new beef processor planned for neighboring Jerome.  The company will be employing roughly 500 people.  Many are planning to transfer into the Magic Valley from other facilities.  They’ll need housing!  You see, this is going round and round and round.

Twin Falls County Commissioner Brent Reinke tells me there are people now living in recreational vehicles parked alongside homes.  Water houses and electrical cords are being run to the RVs.  It’s also a violation of county code but the county can’t be on every corner at all times.

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