Now you’ve got to be woke to live in an old folks’ home?  Residents of Bridgeview Estates in Twin Falls have been presented with a document called a Resident Diversity Pledge.  There are spaces for resident signatures, date of signing, room, and community.  The latter is a reference to the more than 40 communities owned by the parent company, Century Park Associates.

The son of a couple living at Bridgeview supplied us with a copy of the pledge, which at the bottom bears a handwritten note, asking residents to fill it out and return it to the front desk.

What happens if you don’t sign?  The form doesn’t say.  I filled out a contact form and asked the corporate office for a comment.  More than 24 hours later, I’m writing this, and I don’t have a reply at this moment.

The pledge says you affirm everyone needs to feel valued and accepted, then it lists several categories of human beings based on race, religion, sexual orientation, and gender.  Oh, and age is also listed as a specific demographic, which may be the most obvious.  Why?  Because when I drive by Bridgeview, which I do several times a week, I often see people outside with walkers.

I like this line from the pledge:

When it comes to building a culture of belonging, a leader’s influence can move an organization toward healing and dynamic growth.

It’s like someone combined the language of a lawyer with a liberal academic.  Still, I suppose we need to keep an eye on our seniors.  They’re always finding trouble.

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