Some of them aren’t family friendly.  In Twin Falls this week I saw a Trump flag flying from a pickup truck and there was a tag line with a swear word.  I saw something very similar last week outside a house in Malheur County, Oregon.  The bad word being the one Ralphie uses when helping his dad change a tire in a Christmas Story.  I’ll confess I’ve used the word but I’m not sure I’d ever fly it on a flag outside my home.  It does say there are a lot of Trump voters who aren’t very shy.  Unlike the claims of shy Trump voters.

The bad word being the one Ralphie uses when helping his dad change a tire in a Christmas Story.

In Idaho, the social media presence for Trump voters makes it clear these are rugged people.  Last summer there was a story out of Sturgis, South Dakota.  The reporter said the biker rally more resembled a Trump gathering.

There are now two countries within the borders of the United States.  There is “Woke America” and there is “Trump America”.  I’m not at all sure the marriage can be salvaged.  Even after the President leaves office there are going to remain voters who support Trumpism.

A caller from Filer told me today he had a Trump sign stolen overnight.  The thefts aren’t going to have much of an impact in Southern Idaho.  In fact, I sometimes wonder if some of the sign thefts are because people couldn’t get their hands on any of their own.  So, possibly they borrow from neighbors???  If the sign goes up a mile down the road, the impact is the same.

However, one shouldn’t do a Pauline Kael.  She was a New York City based film critic.  An apocryphal story says she was at a party shortly after the re-election of President Nixon.  It’s said she was shocked because she didn’t know anyone who voted for him.

I don’t spend a lot of time in big cities.  I do realize people have different perspectives.  While I can drive 400 miles in rural America and never see a Biden sign, I also can drive 400 miles and not see many fellow human beings.  I don’t take anything for granted.  Which is why I vote.

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