The Twin Falls Police Department is investigating a report of an individual who is suspected of impersonating a police officer on Monday, Oct. 2.

( During the incident, the suspect approached a female in the parking lot of a local business and demanded that she exit her vehicle.

The suspect is described as a white male adult with a dark mole on his face. He was last seen wearing a police-style uniform with a flag on the sleeve and a star-shaped badge on the right side of his shirt.

Anyone with information about the incident or the suspect is encouraged to contact the Twin Falls Police Department at 208-735-4357.

What to look for on a uniformed officer:

Police agencies in the Magic Valley have distinct uniforms with identifying arm patches and badges. Most have a name tag or a name sewn on the front of the uniform.

Officers of the Twin Falls Police Department are required to identify themselves as police officers and provide their names.

Trust your instincts. If they do not 'seem' to be real police officers, ask to contact the Emergency Dispatch Center at 208-735-4357 to confirm their identity. You may also request that a marked patrol unit respond.

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