TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-Idaho’s ten largest cities continue to grow, among them is Twin Falls. However, according to U.S. Census Bureau data release by the Idaho Department of Labor they haven’t grown as fast as they have in the past.

The ten largest cities as a whole grew 1.5 percent from 2014 to 2015, compared to the entire state population growth at 1.2 percent, 1,654,930 people. Almost 55 percent of the increase of 20,100 people was in the top ten cities.

Meridian was Idaho’s fastest growing city with a bump in the number of people of 3.5 percent or 3,027. That increase made Meridian the second largest city knocking Nampa to third. Some towns with more than 10,000 did loose people like Burley which lost 44.

Here is a look at the numbers through the years according to estimated population numbers from the U.S. Census :


Twin Falls County

Year: 2010 Population: 77,230

Year: 2015 Population: 82,375

Data shows that Twin Falls County had 1266 new people between 2014 and 2015 The year before 1,130 were counted in the county.

Twin Falls City

Year: 2010 Population: 44,125

Year: 2015 Population: 47,468

Jerome County

Year: 2010 Population: 22,374

Year: 2015 Population: 22,814

Jerome County didn't see as much growth in 2014/15 with only a 25 person increase. The year before Jerome had and increase of 186 people.

Jerome City

Year: 2010 Population: 10,939

Year: 2015 Population: 11,184

Cassia County

Year: 2010 Population: 22,952

Year: 2015 Population: 23,506

In 2014/15 Cassia County recorded a loss of an estimated 33 people. The year before it had seen 191 people move in.

Burley City

Year: 2010 Population: 10,398

Year: 2015 Population: 10,436

Gooding County

Year: 2010 Population: 15,464

Year: 2015 Population:15,284

2014/15 is the first year in the past four that it has seen an increase in population with 169 new people. Between 2010 and 2014 the county population had been in decline.

Gooding City:

Year: 2010 Population: 3,570

Year: 2015 Population: 3,509

Minidoka County

Year: 2010 Population: 20,063

Year: 2015 Population:20,461

157 people added to the county population in 2014/15 after recovering from a loss of 11 the previous year.

Rupert City

Year: 2010 Population: 5,552

Year: 2015 Population: 5,705

Lincoln County

Year: 2010 Population: 5,208

Year: 2015 Population: 5,297

Shoshone City

Year: 2010 Population: 1,467

Year: 2015 Population: 1,488

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