The Twin Falls School District made the announcement October 9th that they would be moving from the "yellow" COVID 19 protocol to the "orange" due to the increase in cases of COVID 19 in Twin Falls.

The new protocol will go into effect Wednesday October 14th. Under the new protocol, there will be even more of a hybrid learning system of online and in person, lessening the amount of people in the buildings.

  • Students with the last names A-K will attend fact to face on Tuesday and Thursdays
  • Students with the last name L-Z will attend fact to face classes on Wednesday and Friday.
  • Secondary students (middle and high school) will attend classes online on Mondays
  • Elementary school students will attend fact to face every other Monday until 11:30 a.m.
  • Extracurricular activities will be allowed to have two spectators beginning Monday October 12th, other spectators will not be allowed to come watch.

At least some parents are going to be able to watch their kids play sports and do extracurricular activities. The goal of the school district according to the news release is to keep from having to go to the Red protocol level and keep students and staff as safe as possible.

Staff and students are required to wear a face covering in the buildings except while eating and other instances where social distancing can be maintained. You can read the full "orange" plan here.

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