The Twin Falls School District has recently been under fire for a rumor that has been circulating that the district is administering COVID 19 vaccines to children over the age of 12 without parental consent. This is not accurate.

After speaking with the Twin Falls School District they want parents to know that they are not administering COVID 19 vaccines to any child, they do not have the ability to administer COVID 19 vaccinations, they don't keep record of who and who does not have the vaccine and even the required vaccinations can be opted out of by parents for their students.

The Twin Falls School District also stated that if any parent or student heard a Twin Falls School District Staff member say anything like the rumor being spread to contact the district and let them know. The Twin Falls School District is investigating where these rumors began so they can address it with an employee if that is where it originated.

The Twin Falls School District also said if a parent ever has any questions about rumors, regulations, administrations, anything, to please contact them directly and they would be more than happy to address anything they have questions about.

The Twin Falls School District also stated that there is not a single employee of the Twin Falls School District that has the ability or authorization to administer a vaccine. Even the school nurses will never administer something like that.

Again, if a parent has any questions regarding anything with the school or their student they are urged to contact the school directly so it can be handled quickly, especially if anything inappropriate has been said by a staff member.

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