Twin FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-An Idaho State Police trooper was not injured when his parked patrol car was struck by the sliding trailer of a semi in east Idaho recently.

Idaho State Police based in Idaho Falls shared video of the crash on social media showing a semi-truck approaching the patrol car at night during winter weather conditions. As the truck get closer you can see the trailer is sliding to the side, not following the truck, and strikes the patrol car. ISP said the trooper was not injured in the crash because he hadn't been in the car when the trailer hit it. The driver of the semi did not stop after the crash and was located by Montana law enforcement about 10 miles away from the crash. The truck driver was given a ticket for driving too fast for conditions and leaving the scene of a crash.

This comes as ISP and other law enforcement agencies have joined the Idaho Transportation Department's Office of Highway Safety (OHS) in a two-week campaign to catch aggressive drivers. “Aggressive driving crashes don’t happen by accident,” said OHS Manager John Tomlinson in a prepared statement for the launch of the campaign. “Someone made that choice. We all have the power to help prevent crashes by deciding to slow down and have patience behind the wheel.” Police are keeping an eye out for people speeding, following too closely to other drivers, weaving in and out of traffic, running red lights, and showing no regard for traffic signs. "As winter weather impacts the area, officers will also be watching for those driving too fast for the conditions. When roads are slick, leave more space between you and the vehicle ahead to give yourself plenty of stopping room. Take extra caution while passing," said OHV in a statement.

The emphasis to catching aggressive drivers runs now until February 15.

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