I'm a huge fan of snacks rather than actually going home and cooking a meal. In fact, I'd much rather just eat a cheese stick or chips and dip instead of going through the hassle of prepping a meal and cooking something then having to deal with the clean up as well.

It's not because I'm lazy I am just a busy guy most days. But, according to Studyfinds.com we all spend around $30,000 on snacks throughout our lifetime.

They did ask people which snack items were their favorite and then went on to ask them if they'd be willing to try weird combinations of their favorite snacks. With no surprise, milk chocolate came in on the top followed by sweet and salty snacks like chips and trail mix that has raisins and M&M's.

Now let's get onto the weird combinations. Would you be willing to try strawberries dipped in balsamic vinegar? Or maybe chocolate & pizza? Probably the weirdest one that people said they would try was cheddar cheese and apple pie!

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