Your buddies in the Trump hating media are hammering the President for a lack of attention to Puerto Rico’s devastation.

the House and Senate need to appropriate relief. Mr. Trump can only wait

Meanwhile Congress could move to remove the Jones Act, which is a century old law hamstringing the islands ability to move goods in and out of the territory.  In fact, the House and Senate need to appropriate relief.  Mr. Trump can only wait.

This morning on-air I pointed out a country officially 20-trillion-dollars in debt (the figure could be higher, nobody really knows an exact amount) may soon not have any resources for dealing with disasters.  Puerto Rico should also be considered a warning.  The island’s population is 1/100th of the entire nation.  What would an electro-magnetic pulse do to the grid on the mainland?  Would Congress be able to rapidly react?  Would there be money available for rebuilding?  If not then welcome to permanent Third World Status.

A listener emailed me after the show and explained there are now ten states with more people on welfare than working.  The average welfare recipient earns 6-thousand dollars more a year than the average worker.  And you want to believe Bernie Sanders when he promises a free lunch?

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