The guy shot in Milwaukee wasn’t Nelson Mandela.  Can we make it clear?  Then, when I hear the problem is the “system” because it locks up dads for selling marijuana and leaves kids without role models I ask what kind of model is any dope dealer?  First, no one gets a long sentence for dealing only pot.  Two, it doesn’t change the fact you’ve got women having 15 kids from 10 different guys.  By the way, other people are paying the freight for the 15 kids because mom can’t keep her pants on.

What’s going on in Milwaukee isn’t about justice.  It’s about five-fingered discounts.  The story is about people who’ve been told by Democrats that they’re victims and now they believe they’re owed what they’re stealing.

While no one is recommending a heavy-handed response, let me predict what’s going to happen if this continues and spreads beyond a few cities.  Men with armored vehicles and more ammunition than any street level dope dealer can imagine are going to arrive and bring the theft to an end.  It won’t be pretty.  More businesses will flee the neighborhoods and the poverty will only deepen.  Eventually, the federal treasury will run dry and there won’t be anyone else to buy you 44-ounce Coca-Cola drinks, sneakers and Doritos.  When that day comes and you decide you’re going to settle some scores, the armored vehicles are going to be joined by helicopter gunships.  If people would take a closer look at what’s going on in their communities, they would understand they’re playing right into the hands of some very nasty and powerful elites.

And, if you want real political change make common cause with an unemployed coal miner in West Virginia.  You’ve got much more in common with the guy in Appalachia that you call “cracker” than you do with wealthy hop-hop stars who plainly exploit you for profit.  But nope, nope, nope.  Keep listening to the slimy local Democrat Party ward boss who claims you’re owed a living because somebody who looked like me was nasty to somebody who looked like you 200 years ago.

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