Maybe they visited on a cold and cloudy day.  The folks at WalletHub don’t think much of Twin Falls.  Or really any place in Idaho smaller than Boise.  Boise gets a larger city designation.  The remaining places in the Gem State are small cities at best.

Twin Falls finished behind Idaho Falls and Lewiston!  Even the Lt. Governor knows this is crazy.  She lives in Idaho Falls and when I told her it was a nice place she looked at me as if I had 3 eyes.  “But you have a canyon,” she replied.  After all, the river in Idaho Falls is much more a stream.  Lewiston is just a bunch of rusted shipping equipment.

I guess if Twin Falls was a football team the place would be the Detroit Lions.

If there’s any good news, WalletHub likes Pocatello, Nampa and Caldwell even less than Twin Falls.  When my former pastor was assigned to a church in Caldwell, I offered my condolences.  He commented you can hear gunplay from surrounding neighborhoods even when inside the sanctuary, although.  He was a Lewiston native.  Which sure looks pretty compared to Caldwell.

The survey ranked cities on a series of five ranks.  Apparently, Twin Falls isn’t affordable.  No slop, Sherlock!  Economic health is also shaky.  It’s what you get with a jobless rate below 3 percent (sarcasm intended).  Education and health rank is apparently abysmal, as is the safety rank.  I know what they mean!  People here are falling off a bridge every time I look that way.

Quality of life is judged to be so-so.  Hey, we’ve got a mall and it houses several movie theaters.  I’m at an age where a Saturday matinee is like high culture.  Either that or a second game of bowling.  True, we’ve no beaches and the 20 somethings don’t have many clubbing options but getting to bed earlier should mean a healthier community.

I guess if Twin Falls was a football team the place would be the Detroit Lions.  Some talent, no spark.

Source: WalletHub

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