When I lived in Kansas City, you could find a good BBQ restaurant on almost every street corner it seemed. Twin Falls does not have that same luxury. I call it a luxury because I am terrible at cooking BBQ, so I depend on restaurants to do it for me.

The Thrillist website came up with a list of the best BBQ in each state, and for Idaho that place is Rib Shack Barbeque, all the way up in Eagle.

For good BBQ in Twin Falls, you only have a few options. But, at least you do have options. A quick search throws up Dickey's, Coops, and Chili's? There are also some great non-BBQ restaurants that have a good BBQ item on the menu (maybe that is why the search brings up Chili's). The Pocket has a great pulled pork sandwich (maybe it isn't BBQ, but it is good) and Buffalo Wild Wings would be an obvious addition to the list too. I'd even add to the list a restaurant with a good grilled steak. Which is your favorite - or is there one you love that isn't on the list?

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