I came across one of those scientific discussions that looks as if it was put together for a seminar.  It features people familiar with the university and public policy communities.  None of whom I know much about.  The subject matter was what caught my attention.  Electric vehicles and the future of mandates.  Part of the title is The Impossible Dream.

What these vastly learned people are explaining is that widespread use of EVs simply won’t work and it won’t happen.  Tree-huggers promoting the idea are either stupid, lying, or evil.  Or all three.

What’s the actual goal?  Controlling you, of course!

Growing numbers of Americans can’t afford a new car of any type.  I read about their plight last week in the Wall Street Journal.  No wheels, no mobility.  No mobility, no liberty.

Want more proof EVs are a scam?  Click here.

The whole green movement is an exercise in spite.  Even some who may be on the left are waking up (if not woke).  A writer at San Francisco’s Breakthrough Institute explains climate policy is an assault on the poor and working class.  The rich grow richer and we pay for their virtue signaling.  Not only is the loss of your liberty their goal, but they’ll be happiest if most of us die off and they can keep a few of us to clean their pools.

What we have to our advantage is numbers.  The surveillance state may someday negate our strength, but I think pitchforks up their backsides are never far from the minds of the elites.  Let’s ensure they don’t sleep well.

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