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We’re going to be seeing more tall buildings in Twin Falls.  Many will be apartment buildings and condominiums.  I was under the impression for many years that the city made it a policy to block construction that would limit the skyline.  A few years ago, I was told there weren’t philosophical objections to ever taller structures.  The reality was Twin Falls Firefighters needed a ladder truck that could reach the top of a tower in (Lord forbid) there was a fire.  That was remedied with the arrival of a new truck and we saw new lofts rise high in the downtown sky.

Growing cities have two choices.  Grow out or grow up.  Growing out creates sprawl and encroaches on farmland.  Growing up saves space for agriculture.  It someday will also help make housing more affordable.

On Monday morning, I had a conversation with Vice Mayor Chris Reid.  More units can bring an end to the chokehold the market has on the housing supply.

I can personally say that as a senior citizen (depending on restaurant discounts) I would prefer to live somewhere that doesn’t require I shovel the walk or mow the grass.  I believe there’s also some security living a few stories off the ground.  Most burglars aren’t going to climb the walls.

I can actually envision how some new construction on the downtown avenues will improve the quality of life.  If people feel more secure in the city center, then you’ll see a growing interest in high-rise living.

Now, all we need is a downtown baseball stadium and my life will be complete!

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