Sources have told Reuters that Target is raising its minimum wage to $10 per hour, following similar moves by other large retail chains.

The increase, which would also raise wages of those currently making more than $10 per hour is expected to take place sometime in May.

I reached out to Target to ask about the increase and whether or not we would be seeing it in Twin Falls. Molly Snyder, a Target spokesperson, responded and said that she was not able to confirm that information.

Our team is a huge part of what makes Target, Target. We pay market competitive rates and regularly benchmark the marketplace to ensure that our compensation and benefits packages will help us to both recruit and retain great talent. However, we typically don't disclose the details of our compensation programs. - Molly Snyder

So, that's not a yes but not exactly a no either. We'll let you know if we find out anything else and feel free to leave a comment if you've heard something we haven't.


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