What happens when the wind turbines don’t spin?  A fellow named Chuck Lassen sent me the video you see below.  He was in Bliss and decided to take some picture of alternative energy in action.  As you can see, it’s like where I work.  Very few doing any heavy lifting!

Kidding aside, this raises an alarm.  Nearly 30 years ago I did an interview with a scientist who predicted we were only a few years away from making wind and solar dominant energies.  He said years and not decades.  You know, we’re not really any closer.  We just have more solar and wind farms.

You know, we’re not really any closer.  We just have more solar and wind farms.

I came across an essay at oilprice.com.  The writer explains we still have issues related to storage and how to move power from one location to an area where it’s needed.  You can read the details by clicking here.

I’m not opposed to individuals putting up their own solar panels and a windmill by the barn is a tried and true technology.  Great, but I’ve also got no plans to subsidize your plans.  There are too many wealth transfers in this country and this is a transfer from the poor to the well off and wealthy.  How do you liberal environmentalists square increasing my poverty with your egalitarian goals?  A local newspaper tells us the home solar effort is going to get even pricier and reminds buyers you need a long life span to reap the benefits.

I recently interviewed a healthy young man who rides a bicycle to and from work.  He’s an engineer and has a second degree in finance.  One day he calculated his cost biking versus driving.  Guess what?  The bike costs him more than using the car, although.  He’s in good physical condition.

You see, what looks like a big break or a bargain at surface level isn’t always the best solution.

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