Just who writes these lists, anyway?

All those people who hike in Oregon, Washington and California would prefer to live here.  They just won't admit their fondness for Idaho.

Lower taxes, fewer regulations and more hiking options.  Oh, and not so many cougars ripping your flesh as you climb.  Yahoo.com has some recommendations for great hikes.  All around Idaho but not here.  Maybe the reporter feared coming here.  High peaks, canyons and some serious tough guys could've frightened the writer.

I'm including some of my own photographs of unique Idaho.  Where the heck have these people been?  Oh, right.  Portland and some other places where a good Pinot grigio is always available at the end to quench a thirst.

Wimps!  Seriously, this list is compiled by office workers in some place like Palo Alto.  You can see the ridiculous recommendations by clicking here.


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