Were you an Evel Knievel fan? Were you there at the canyon when he tried to make the famous jump in September of 1974? Ever wished you could own something from that famous event here in Twin Falls? If so, your wish has come true. You can now buy a part of Evel's skycycle for a million dollars on Ebay.

The part up for auction is the drogue chute hatch which separated from Evel's Skycycle as it plunged into the Snake River Canyon.

bragato5522 via Ebay
bragato5522 via Ebay

But, is it real? The seller claims that there is a letter of authenticity signed by the son of the Skycycle rocket designer, Scott Truax.

If this sounds like something you would love and you have money to burn, I have more great news for you. There's a Buy It Now option on Ebay. Bet your bank would love to see that authorization come through.

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