I’ve never witnessed anything like opposition to the Lava Ridge Wind Project during my lifetime.  It cuts across political parties, and ethnic backgrounds and even brings along some environmentalists.  Stop Lava Ridge began as a place where the opposition could gather on Facebook.  Now it’s incorporated.  The organization is hiring a lawyer and plans a direct challenge to the big money and big government behind the scheme.

For you newcomers, the project promises hundreds of wind turbines across Jerome, Lincoln, and Minidoka Counties.  Up to 740 feet tall.  None of the power generated would stay in Idaho.

If you can contribute to the legal fund (and even a dollar from 10,000 people would be a good start) you can contact:

Greg Edgar, CPA

PO Box 5377

Twin Falls, Idaho 83301-5377

Be sure to note Lava Ridge Wind Project in the memo of any checks mailed.

Before I close this, a few mentions of big green being a big scam and wealth transfer.  I spoke with a friend this week.  He delivers oil to the cobalt mine in Idaho’s central highlands.  He told me the liberals would be shocked to find out how much oil is needed for mining.

By the way, a writer at the Wall Street Journal says building one tower requires 900 tons of steel.  Smelting isn’t green.  Oh, and 45 tons of plastic can’t be recycled. Again, for each tower.  All of this is supposed to help fuel electric vehicles.  Then please check out this link and perhaps you’ll have a sudden epiphany.

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