Just to let you know Ted Cruz isn’t at the top of my Republican list. In my 53 years on this planet I’ve contributed to only two Presidential candidates. Meager contributions to Rand Paul as he prepares for 2016 and in 2000 to John McCain as I already had Bush fatigue. I really more and more consider myself attuned to the Constitution Party but in American politics we’ve ghettoized any serious new ideas. So I remain a registered Republican for a say in primaries and still pray lightning will strike and a constitutionalist will somehow arise and save the nation.

Are you willing to back some walking and talking contradictions? Courtesy, U.S. Senate photo gallery.

Interestingly when the country has been at the edge of the cliff someone always arises and leads us through the storm. A minor and poor colonial military officer named George Washington got pasted in his first battles but like a computer playing chess quickly learned and mastered the game. Eighty years after Washington an unknown lawyer from Illinois showed up and preserved the union. Eighty years after Lincoln a patrician playboy guided the country through World War Two. If these things happen in 80 year increments then we’re due for a political savior.

Cruz has criticized the government for spying on citizens when it should be tracking the bad guys but I’m not aware the Senator offers an alternative nor shouts, “Cease and desist!” I need to know what he offers beyond lip service. The question of his Canadian birth is also a nagging issue and will be for many constitutionalists, however. The Cato Institute is trying to put the hearts of its fellow Madisonians at rest. Check this link as evidence. This afternoon I saw some comments from conservative columnist Stephen Hayes suggesting Cruz may be more formidable than people are willing to give credit. This is the candidate’s Liberty University speech. You be the judge.