Government agents explain that emotion isn’t an argument against southern Idaho’s proposed wind farms.  I disagree.  As many as 350 people turned out for a public meeting in Jerome.  Not one spoke in favor of placing the massive wind turbines on 114 square miles of land along Lava Ridge controlled by the Bureau of Land Management.  The overwhelming public opposition should carry some weight.  It likely won’t have an impact.  So should your emotions.

There are many, many people in the region who trace their ancestry to the pioneers.  The original settlers carved a future out of the high desert with wooden shovels and pick axes.  They did this on summer days when temperatures reached triple digits.  They did this work on winter days when the snow was blowing sideways.  They had no other choice if they were going to provide water for the parched land.  When the canals were finished, they could then carve out a life.

Pride is an emotion.  You have pride in those people.  It carried generations through wars and depressions.  When you were faced with tough times, it was the tales of your ancestors that allowed you to put your own woes into perspective.

Now you have a government prattling on about clean energy, eminent domain, and temporary property tax relief.  And they expect you to trade your history and family traditions for a few pieces of silver?

I’ve been doing a lot of reading about wind and solar projects across the country.  Many companies in bed with the government are crying poverty and now want even more of your tax dollars.  This is a scam!

A few weeks ago I predicted we’d see violence.  It’s not an endorsement.  I was also told recently by a retired cop that he expects the same, and he predicts local law enforcement won’t have the time or manpower to police the construction sites.  That job will require federal law enforcement stretched out across five counties.

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