Call me a paleoconservative or paleocon for short.  What does that mean?  During the middle of the last century there was a U.S. Senator from Ohio known as Robert Taft.  He was also known as Mr. Republican.  Taft and his fellow conservatives were a reaction to New Deal spending and the imperial ambitions that followed World War Two.  In 1952 Taft sought his party’s nomination for President but the international imperialists in his party instead selected Dwight Eisenhower.  To some degree Barry Goldwater revived parts of the movement but remained a Cold Warrior and in his domestic views was more libertarian.  The paleocons want a return to frugal government but also traditional values.  For all those liberals who demean the old days as “apartheid America” the country had more stable families of all races, more brilliant graduates from its schools and a unified sense of purpose and patriotism.


The standard bearer of paleoconservatism today is Pat Buchanan.  While a man of deep faith he’s not primarily a religious conservative and he differs from Dick Cheney and Bill Kristol.  The latter two favor nation building overseas at the cost of your blood and treasure.

It’s Buchanan who influences my views on migrant and refugee policy.  The following video from today’s edition of Top Story makes my position clear with what is a cultural takeover of the United States: