Ah... Christmas time. What a wonderful time of year. Whenever I think of Christmas, I always want to sing the song “Silver & Gold” from the old stop motion “Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer” movie. Christmas is a home to many, many colors beyond just silver and gold because of the amazing lights! Everyone loves Christmas lights, and part of the fun of this particular holiday is the decoration of it. It’s beautiful! Even if you’re really not that into it, you can’t deny that the lights. Good golly gee, those lights sure are something! So, being that Christmas is nearing in the Magic Valley (as it is everywhere else in the world, but for all intent and purposes, it’s happening here first), I bring you something all can enjoy this holiday season: lights! I present to you our Top 5 Amazing Christmas Lights in Twin Falls.

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    Open every night until 9pm

    Now this is a Christmas tradition I started doing only a few years ago. Why? Because it’s Christmas, of course! It’s the most wonderful time of the year and it only happens every twelve months – so milk every moment of its seasonal goodness! This one is fun for the kids after a long evening of shopping with mom and dad, and it’s made possible by some awesome local businesses! Hop in the car, and drive around the mall parking lot. Literally, just drive around. For a mile. In a mall parking lot. It’s AWESOME! Tons of cute, lit up characters and holiday decorations wrap all the way around the outer parking lot of the Magic Valley Mall. And the best part? There’s music! Tune your car’s radio to 92.5, sit back, start where it tells you to start, and enjoy the ride. And hey, it’s free and doesn’t take too long – so why not do it again? And again… and again! Just don’t get too dizzy. Lights are on every night until 9pm. Enjoy!

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    You’re probably wondering why this – houses – made the list, eh? Well my answer to you would be why not? Neighborhood houses ROCK at all things holiday. One of my favorite family memories from Christmastimes past has been driving around the city checking out the art form that is light-hanging. Grab the family, maybe a few friends, some coffee or cocoa, and hit the road. And who says you have to stay in the car? Bundle up and walk the streets! You’ll get exercise, fresh air, and a closer look. Plus, it’s not as threatening as slowly driving through someone else’s neighborhood (Though I would advise not lingering in a stranger’s yard for too long). President streets, subdivisions, random side streets you’ve neither seen nor heard of – check out. Drive around the Magic Valley while you’re at it. And don’t forget to go all out on your own place of residence. 'Tis the season after all, and it only comes but once a year!

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    I was seven years old during my first Christmas in Twin Falls, and my family and I ventured into the unknown downtown district to check out the…well, the downtown I guess. But it was also Christmas Eve, and being that it was, we just so happened to make a stop at the Twin Falls City Park to engage in the Festivus miracle that is the lights. Oh the lights! Seriously, there are some big trees in City Park and each one is decked out in colored lights to the nines. Walking through them has a very whimsical, woodland feel if you ask me; particularly when there’s snow falling and it’s close to midnight, and it’s quiet. It may sound cheesy, but it really is and can be magical if you want it to be. Now, of course take the kids, bring the family, grand-nap the grandparents for an evening – heck, bring your dog – and enjoy the lights. But might I also suggest you take that special someone to see the City Park lights. Talk about a great holiday date! Grab some hot chocolate, a flashlight, a blanket, maybe a diamond ring… hit up the swings, the slide, and pack a late night winter picnic too! The Twin Falls City Park is on Shoshone Street.

  • St. Luke's


    Believe it or not, I’ve only experienced this local tradition once! But it was awesome. Getting to see all the little kids perform and walk around, checking out all of the different tress decorated by local businesses and families and organizations. It’s fantastic fun. This year, like always, the St. Luke's Magic Valley Health Foundation Festival of Trees has a theme: “All I Want For Christmas.” And don’t let the title fool you; this isn’t just a Christmas tree showcase – lights, light, and more lights--Over twenty thousand! This year, the Festival will be open to the public December 3rd-5th at the Southern Idaho Landscape Center at 21150 U.S. Highway 30 in Filer. General admission tickets cost $5 for adults, $3 for kiddos 12 and under (but they get in for FREE on December 3rd!), and $4 for senior citizens (who get in for FREE on December 5th). And there’s more! Families get in for FREE on December 4th with a snazzy little Times-News coupon, so don’t miss out! Plus, if you want to check out a sneak peek, hit up Opening Night on December 2nd at 6:30pm (cost for this special occasion is $65). All the proceeds from the event help out local programs focusing on women's & children's health care, and cardiac and cancer care.

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    South of Hansen

    Yeah, I know it may be the obvious answer, but admit it: if you’ve ever seen these lights, you know how too-legit-to-quit they are. If you’ve heard of them, you know of the legend. If you’ve never seen them, this my friend, is your year. And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, you probably just moved here to the Magic Valley… so welcome ye weary traveler! These lights are a spectacular spectacle. I’ve gone ever year since I was 8 and it never fails to disappoint. Every year, we park across the road and walk down the driveway, crossing that ever so slippery cattle guard (hint: if you go off to the side, there’s a piece of wood, perfect for getting across slip-free), until we finally approach the beginning of our journey. It truly is a sight to be seen! There’s all sorts of lights, and not just Christmas ones mind you. I mean… ALL kinds of lights. It’s awesome. Santa Clause is even there! And candy canes! And carrots! Why carrots, you ask? Well, for the camel of course! (Duh!) Feeding that camel is like, the fourteenth best thing I’ve ever done. Aside from this gentle giant’s slobbery little mouth gobbling up your veggie supply, you and your kin (look at me, getting’ all Christmassy) will enjoy the simplicity of just being together, in what is truly a winter wonderland. I hope there’s a light snow the night you choose to go too – it just the right thing to make the experience perfect. There are over 250,000 lights and new ones make it in the display each year. This brilliant Christmas extravaganza is located on Rock Creek Road (you really, honestly can’t miss it), and it’s totally 100% FREE!