California plans to ban cars and trucks that run on diesel and gasoline.  With ribbons of highways and tens of millions of automobiles on the roads, good luck!  There won’t be enough electricity or rare earth minerals to fill the void during the lifetimes of anyone alive on the planet today.

Meanwhile, in Wyoming, some Republican State Legislators are looking at doing the opposite.  They propose banning electric vehicles.  Their approach may be more tongue-in-cheek, but they also argue it will bolster the state’s economy.  Wyoming is rich in what are called fossil fuels.

The legislators' plan may not go far and it’s sure to rile up liberals and other assorted granola gobblers on the left.  The same people who would force you to drive an EV through coercion are going to be apoplectic because someone, somewhere is supporting technology that works.

Wyoming also shares a feature we’re well aware of in Idaho.  It gets cold there.  Click on this link for more details on what that means if you’re virtue signaling behind the wheel of an EV.

Here’s a question for all you tree-hugging liberals.   If you had been stuck on a highway in Buffalo, New York last month, would you rather have been stuck in something powered by an internal combustion engine or an electric brick?  I know you had a warm feeling all over you when you bought the Tesla or Leaf, but it gets chilly on a winter night with a dead battery.

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I came across a video over the weekend.  I’ll post it below.  It’s the best takedown of the myopic left I’ve ever heard.

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