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If a conservative had publicly spat on a liberal, would it be news?  Rhetorical question.  Remember the Tea Party gathering the weekend Obamacare was ramrodded through Congress?  James Clyburn claimed a demonstrator spat on him.  The Democrats from the House decided to walk through the throng as if looking to bait a response.

The driver leaped out and it appears she spat at demonstrators.

The video below surfaced after Friday’s rally in Boise.  A large crowd of liberty minded people gathered to protest the stay-at-home orders issued by Governor Brad Little.  The demonstrators didn’t break any glass, burn any flags nor battle with police.  There were liberals there attempting to record any trouble (I guess they left their homes as well???)

Then a car with Nevada plates stopped.  The driver leaped out and it appears she spat at demonstrators.  She got shoved and a man grabbed her keys from the ignition and tossed them.  The liberal recording all this claims the woman was assaulted.

The thing is, one of the woman’s fellow travelers admits to later enlarging the pictures and concludes the woman appears to be spitting at the conservatives and, yet.  On her Facebook page, the woman denies it and calls her accusers idiots.

A friend of mine is skilled in the martial arts and writes self-defense books.  He likes to pose this question:  “How do I stay out of bar fights?”  The answer is:  “Don’t go to bars.”

If the woman had stayed in her car and continued driving, none of this would’ve happened.  You’ll notice there has been the sound of crickets from mainstream media on the woman’s identity.  Heck, the newspaper types are altogether ignoring a story involving one of their fellow socialist sympathizers.

Let me offer a caution about the video.  You can hear some nasty words being exchanged.

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