MALTA, Idaho (KLIX)-An Idaho woman recently celebrated another successful hunt near Malta since she started hunting 81 years ago. The 90-year-old Mildred Bryant of New Plymouth scored a mule deer buck on a recent hunting trip in the Magic Valley, according to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. Bryant was featured by Idaho Fish and Game after she made her recent hunting trip to a friends ranch in Cassia County and shot a 3.4 buck at 224 yards. Her daughter and grandson helped her prepare for the hunt, “It was quite exciting,” she said. “We loaded up the buck and hauled it back to the shop to hang. Then gutted it out. We had some that night," she told Idaho Fish and Game. She had hoped to do the hunt sooner in 2021 for her 80th anniversary, but due to unforeseen circumstances it was pushed back. Bryant shot her first deer when she was 9-years-old growing up in Oregon. Bryan recounts her father wasn't very happy with her when she took his rifle without permission in defiance while he went into town without her, “My dad was so mad at me. He could’ve blistered my butt, but he didn’t. I remember I was starting to bawl, because I thought he wasn’t going to listen to me. But I needed to get the deer home.” Bryant said her latest buck's head will go right next to the 4x4 buck she shot 50 years ago. Read more about Bryant's story with Idaho Fish and Game HERE.

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