The Republican candidate for Governor was stunned by the display.  Ed Humphreys was visiting the library in Idaho Falls on Thursday.  He stopped to look at a presentation for Black History Month.  There were quotes from famous authors, politicians, and academics.  One proclaimed Caucasians were a genetically inferior race.  Can you imagine the public response if there was a quote on a library wall suggesting people of color were subhuman?  This is straight out of Mao’s Cultural Revolution.  Some people must be humiliated and made to pay for invented crimes or transgressions.

Humphreys then started looking at children’s book selections.  He came across a title about a child who believes she was born in the wrong body.  The book’s title is George.  Or it was.  This year it was re-released under the title Melissa.

These are things you might expect to see in Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco.  But not in a mid-sized city library in Idaho.

We’ve had similar experiences in Twin Falls.  When a local Christian leader complained, he was labeled a bigot and had a regular local newspaper column canceled.  The effete liberals who run our modern institutions won’t tolerate any dissent from Idahoans with traditional values.  In a deep-red state, you can expect more people to hold the same values as the Christian than those being peddled by journalists and liberal library board members.

We get very little help from Republican officeholders.  They tell you before Election Day everything you want to hear.  For the rest of the year, they kowtow to their fellow elites.  After all, the 23 people who read newspaper editorials might believe the so-called conservatives are mean-spirited.  Meanwhile, the left continues proselytizing your kids.  Recruiting them for unfamiliar lifestyles and making them grovel because of the skin in which they were born.

You can listen to Ed Humphreys describe the display by clicking on the video below.

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