The gravy train is derailed.  Let’s be honest, if a train is on the tracks long enough it eventually comes off the rails.  Has anyone seen this study about the actual national debt?  Holy smoke, 210 trillion dollars!  A trillion is one-thousand-billion.  A billion is one-thousand-million.  Tax hikes of 50-75 percent possible if we stay on the current path.  And there may be no other choice as we’ve long ago passed the point-of-no-return.  It means Greek like living conditions.  The only other viable option may be spending cuts of almost 50 percent.  For all you Democrats out there waiting for your “Obama phone” and free lunch you may soon go hungry and have no one to call, unless.  Perhaps churches will fill the void with charity as once was the norm in this country.  Before Big Brother pushed the competition to the margins and installed its inefficient approach.  Of course, there may not be any viable churches as well in coming decades.  Who to blame for that crisis?  Read Pat Buchanan here.  The blame is not only of the elites but also of the dozing masses.

Will money be scarce? Courtesy, Bill Colley

It was once a great country.  As things start spinning out of control you’ll see vast swaths of states unwilling to salvage irresponsible neighboring governments.  Secession will again become a common word and the next time the Mayor of Baltimore begs everyone else to pay for her ignoring riots she’ll get a lump of coal instead.  The strife in the cities is coming and it won’t just be urban warfare but cannibalism and paganism will make many rue the days they were born.  There will be attempted mass migrations and the wanderers are going to find many gates slammed in their faces.

Survival of the fittest will be the law of the land.  There are other bleak solutions.  Some parts of the country could be sold to colonial masters.  Mass outbreaks of violence could result in outside intervention once there isn’t any center of government with the wherewithal to provide for defense and the wants of the mob.  I think it’s going to be a cleansing of biblical proportions.  I’m an old man and while I’d like to live a long and thrilling life if my maker calls me before it begins then I think I’ll be among the blessed.

Next year there is a General Election.  The, vile and devious in media will excoriate candidates like Rand Paul and promote the likes of Bernie Sanders as a tax and spend savior.  We’ll be told the budget hawks are mean-spirited, hate women, hate illegal immigrants feeding at the public trough, hate Islamic immigrants demanding their own laws, hate men who put their penises in the mouths of other men, hate insane men who believe they are really women (who Republicans already hate), hate puppies, hate babies, hate people of color…

And on the first Wednesday morning after the first Tuesday of November, 2016, you’ll try and wake yourself and find the nightmare is a permanent feature of a dying civilization.

Bend over.  You’re going to take it in the backside and if you don’t like it we’ve worse ways of dealing with haters.