Republicans are the party of mean, old and rich white men who want to keep you under their feet, right?  It’s the media narrative as media is instructed by its masters in the Democrat Party.  This week Glenn Beck’s the Blaze released an audience preference poll.  Beck opened the survey two months ago asking his overwhelmingly Republican and white audience who they wanted as the next President.  A link is provided here.

An old tired white guy named Lindsey Graham finished at the bottom and ranked 30th.  In fact 20 through thirty all matched the definition.  The top twenty are an entirely different story.  Ted Cruz, a man with Latino ancestry finished first.  There are three Latinos in the top twenty and one of those is a woman.  She is one of five women in the top twenty.  One of those five is the daughter of immigrants from India.  She isn’t alone.  There are two candidates in the top 20 with Indian parents.  Two of the top 20 are what most people would describe as black men.  Many are under 50-years-of-age and including three of the top six.  Of the other three in the top six they are just beyond 50 and if Lt. Colonel Allen West is an example probably quite fit for their ages.  Two of the top seven are medical doctors.

American hero, Courtesy, Wikipedia
American hero, Courtesy, Wikipedia

While the Beck poll won’t be labeled scientific his audience is a decent gauge of the right-of-center electorate.  I took the poll and I can tell you it was complex enough to provide insight into the Republican mind with Election Day a year-and-a-half away.

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