Often I joke with people about a second American Revolution being just around the corner.  Even as a sometimes apocalyptic radio host I rarely take the thought seriously.  Too many people are prepping for the holiday and the hotdogs and the fireworks.  They’ve got 500 channels, smartphones and the Internet.  For the down on their luck there are food stamps and cooling assistance and housing assistance and, yet.  Somehow things this summer are starting to feel unsettling.  For those of us on the right it may be recent Supreme Court decisions confirming the post-Christian and pagan culture left us behind.  Two things I read over the weekend suggest the catacombs may be revived and worship confined to sewers.  A writer at a liberal paper in Philadelphia believes in a political sense tribulation has arrived.  Another writer explains at this link faith is now an exile in a land it once viewed as the New Jerusalem.  With liberals now campaigning for polygamy (I read the call in Politico!) we have one small victory.  Our alleged straw-men are proved real.

Faith fades from American life.

Meanwhile few people in Greece have any access to cash and even fewer have stored food, water and gathered junk silver necessary for a barter economy.  Puerto Rico can’t meet 73 billion dollars in obligations (four times the figure sending Detroit over the edge without a barrel) and the Chinese have been buying stocks on margin.  Their government is cutting borrowing rates but as markets stagger and notes are called a massive economy joins the lemmings at the precipice.  Investors warn of bubbles and banks quake because there isn’t any longer a guarantor of last resort.  It’s a bit like waking up tired and with a hangover and opening the can of Maxwell House only to find it’s empty.  And the tap is broken and the electricity down.  You look at the dry sink, the empty can and the shiny but quiet Bunn and realize a painful day is on the way.

Media and a formerly fringe sub-population spent the weekend celebrating and now it’s Monday and it’s all Greek to me.

Elected politicians keep pointing fingers and warning us to blame the other side but misery makes for a shared and emerging vision.  As you see here from the right a growing recognition elites are shifting finite resources between themselves and if you’re thought about at all it’s in a passing sense and only following the head table first being served.  Now imagine the writer, Daniel Greenfield, is echoing the far left!  Gary Hart promoted the 1972 Presidential campaign of George McGovern then later was also a candidate.  At Time magazine’s site Hart spoils our day by also explaining if you’ve a seat at the little folding table then you haven’t much to be thankful for and in fact are S.O.L.

A future of crisis and chaos.

On the right we don’t like to admit the obvious.  Government influence is for sale.  We talk a good game about Citizens United and applaud the High Court for ruling in favor of large campaign contributions as a form of free expression and protected by the First Amendment.  Never mind most of us don’t and never will have a pot-to-piss-in; when the ruling arrived we believed our guys would sweep the battlefield and restore traditional values and a capitalism unfettered by connections and only rewarding merit.  After all, it’s what our Republican Party heroes promised.  Hart argues it’s only worse because Democrats with a thirst for power are just as capable as selling their souls, their country and their constituents.  The long expected growth of third, fourth and fifth parties is stymied by the political oligopoly.

Maybe Greenfield and Hart and this writer aren’t alone.  Maybe you’ve recognized the gargantuan threat and are ready to do more than say enough but also to act.  Whoa, wait a minute.  Hold your horses.  We’re told by our servants a terrorist attack is imminent as a satanic commemoration of Independence Day.  The perpetual war is designed to unite us and false flag attack or legitimate it props up the supports for our corrupted elected politicians.  And you know what?  Why should we doubt the warnings?  Two nitwits in prison jumpsuits just spent 3 weeks running in circles in a New York forest.  An army of local, state and federal law enforces with guns, fast cars, helicopters, heat sensors and cameras belatedly cracked the case when a guy in the woods coughed.  Old fashioned human senses perked up and replied with gunfire.  Now imagine sophisticated drug cartels and highly trained Muslim warriors!

There are times in history when events suddenly start rolling by so quickly you can’t control your own or even a national destiny.  A friend refers to driving in winter in something called Star Wars snow.  I suppose it’s a reference to clusters of stars in the movie whipping by at a pace even our traditional senses can’t process.  I’ve driven in the same snow and it leaves you with little or no visibility.  You slow down but you don’t pull over and stop.  Why?  Because you aren’t sure you’ll have any traction left and fear spending the night in the cold.  And so you drive on and unable to see objects ahead.  Most nights after some serious prayer (while it’s currently legal) and white knuckles you make it and as you peel off sweat stained clothes you feel blessed and, still.  You know someday the night is still ahead, if you drive long enough, when blinded and struggling with your grip and calling out to the Lord you wrap the car around a tree.  From many small and large crises grow the mighty oaks.



Can it get any worse?