I believe it’s accurate to say a great many Americans don’t trust Muslims.  Likely a large majority of Americans would agree with Ben Carson and Donald Trump.  In case you were distracted by a comet striking the Yucatan Peninsula the biggest news this weekend would be media having a meltdown because Carson and Trump aren’t politically correct and continue in their refusal to say “sorry” when it comes to expressing the views of overwhelming numbers of Americans.  These news media types aren’t curing cancer, building rockets and paying their bar tabs in a timely fashion, although.  Somehow they’ve appointed themselves guardians of what they perceive is right-and-wrong.

Carson doesn't believe a Muslim should be President. Ever! Courtesy, KLIX Library.
Carson doesn't believe a Muslim should be President. Ever! Courtesy, KLIX Library.

In case you didn’t get Carson’s remarks NBC is reporting them here.  The candidate and eminent surgeon doesn’t believe a Muslim should ever be President.  The media hyenas are screaming because it implies Muslims are disloyal.  Clearly there are Muslims who’ve distinguished themselves in the military, business and in cleaning out drug dens throughout large swaths of American cities.  Please thank them.  On the other hand would you be comfortable handing control of the Doomsday arsenal to a Mohammedan?  News media elites and other assorted fellow travelers would play worldwide Russian Roulette just so no one would have their feelings hurt.  This is the divide between the majority of Americans classified as sane and then the news media elites, Hollywood liberals and academic pimples teaching your children.

Trump aggravated the raging leftist skin condition last week when he wouldn’t denounce a man in a crowd who accused President Obama of being a Muslim, when indeed the President actually did answer the call-to-prayer when he was young.  I tend to take Mr. Obama at his word when he says he gave up his father’s faith before he was even 10-years-old.  I also agree with comedian Bill Maher who actually believes Barack Hussein Obama is an atheist.  Or perhaps Mr. Obama looks in the mirror every morning and thinks he’s seeing God?  Lord of earthly rulers he passes out iPods to visiting monarchs in some self-centered conceit they want to hear his speeches.  Over at the Communist News Network (CNN) the fellow travelers are demanding Trump engage in a group hug with Islamic hordes.  Trump’s response can be seen here and it does a regular American proud he won’t cater to the delusional and self-absorbed.  The latter being a description they use for Trump but these TV types with their pancake make-up and gargantuan egos would  tend to raise the psychological definition of projection.  How is it so many in broadcast, print and new media insist they’re doing all of this for our good when we all know their motives are anything but traditional American values, which they despise?

Have you seen pictures of the device constructed by Ahmed the Boy Timekeeper?  After a teacher feared the child brought a bomb to school he was briefly detained.  Now the teenager has an invitation to chum about the Oval Office.  Numerous children have been arrested and expelled from schools in recent years for less (some websites and conservative writers are actually running the tally) and none got an invitation to shoot hoops with the President.  This notion the boy was singled out because of his religious background is hogwash!  If his name had been Smith, Watson or Walsh he would’ve gotten the same reaction for bringing a device to school which looks like a homemade bomb.  He’s a liberal in training.  Idiot Savant can’t figure out why so many people were alarmed.  No pun intended.  Oh, and to paraphrase Trump it’s not the Swedes who are looking to blow up American classrooms.

Western Civilization is battling for survival against backward forces revived after nearly a millennia-and-a-half and the “useful idiots” in media and cabernet sipping elites are whistling past the graveyard.  How can these people be slapped back into reality?  I confess my political choices are more along the lines of Rand Paul and Bobby Jindal or even the Constitution Party but at the moment Trump is the guy giving the open handed whack to the collective head of so-called intelligentsia!  Peggy Noonan makes comparisons to the Weimar Republic and she’s right but perhaps not in the manner she intended.  The elites in media, government, entertainment and academia are rotten to the corp.  They’ve destroyed hallowed institutions and now ignore the fall of a culture that delivered parliamentary democracy, cures for disease and put men-on-the-moon.  Why?  So some stupid-ass student in Texas can bring his gadget to school and wave it around the playground without judgment.  Now we’ve cowed the teachers and cops and the next time someone actually brings explosives to school we’ll have to ignore it out of political correctness.  Unless his name is Jones or Wilson or MacGregor but no Ahmed, Muhammad or Hassan.  We’re angling for a Beslan style attack in Texas, Nebraska or North Dakota.  May God have mercy on liberal’s souls because I sure as heck have none!

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