I was reading newspaper headlines about prospective candidates for President and what’s clear is Lefty is already working hard at sowing doubts about Republicans.  Eighteen months from Election Day and as well socialists challenging Her Royal Highness Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRH HRC).  I posted some findings and thoughts at my Facebook account:

"Ted Cruz, charlatan," "Seven reasons why Rick Santorum will lose". Then on the other side the Hillary Protection Unit is also at work: "Bernie Sanders is a protest candidate. That's all." This is how the fellow travelers game the system as they perform a Lewinsky for the other Clinton.

This is the Washington Post’s lead editorial today.  Possibly it’s written by the homosexual editor Jonathan Capehart.  Check out the derision for devout Catholic Rick Santorum:  “So his candidacy may test how strong populist sentiment has become among the Republican rank and file — if, that is, he is seen as anything more than the Christian moralizer he has become famous for playing.”

I’m not at all surprised when you consider the cultural inversion now paints traditional God-fearing Christians as somehow being dangerous and a threat to licentiousness at large.  These establishment media types, entertainers and academics openly promote a society without rules and somehow expect it won’t collapse.  Or possibly collapse is the goal and then we can paint our faces and dance around golden calves and when it comes to dissenters we can bring them out so we may know them.  They claim they also know better how to raise your kids.  This story warns traditional Americans public schools are indoctrinating the children at a rapid clip.  No wonder there is such raving anger when we suggest home schooling and school choice as alternatives.  The day is coming when the state will seize the little ones and leave you out of the equation.  The powers in Montgomery County, Maryland have attempted to bring an end to “free range parenting” by kidnapping little children for hours at a stretch in hopes of frightening parents.  Why, because mom and dad let the kids play outside without parental supervision.  Very much like most of us did when we were kids.  As you can read here the parents in Maryland have a victory.  For now.  As the next potential President declares, “It takes a village!”  Expect the assaults on tradition to continue.  Satan always probes for openings and is relentless.

It isn’t enough to ask to be left alone.  Yesterday in a post I mentioned Randy Weaver.  When his family made a choice 25 years ago to live apart in mountain splendor its members were hunted down like dogs.  The dog was actually the first to die, followed by Weaver’s son and wife.  Agents salivated over the bloody sacrifice to an increasingly all-powerful state.  Taking a page from the old European Communist Block the Weavers were denounced as deranged, dangerous and a threat to the public at-large with whom they had little or no contact.  A more curious media of the time offered alternatives and the public was suddenly alerted of where emanated the actual threat to your liberty.  Now the story has faded from most memories and media biases have hardened and a partnership has formed with the “It takes a village” crowd.

I tell you there are persistent efforts to silence any voices in media who dare disagree.  I’ve had my own plug pulled twice over the last decade.  The Internet is now subject to official government policing, which allows un-elected bureaucrats to determine what content is right and what content is wrong.  Secretary of State John Kerry has designs as well on the web.  He plans to turn it over to the United Nations for administration.  Kerry believes it isn’t fair our once great country came up with such an innovation.  His redistributionist tendencies require him to apologize for American ingenuity and then give it away.

These are the people running the country today.  Irreligious, libertine, unpatriotic and quite possibly envious of totalitarian regimes elsewhere.  It isn’t enough for you to seek liberty as did the Weavers.  In the future you’ll be forced to renounce God, family and country and Lefty will insist it’s your turn to round up the farm animals for the orgy.  And, by the way, don’t whisper your objections to your children.  They’ll be instructed at school to rat on you.  Welcome to the new order.

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