Molon Labe!  In the language of the ancient Greeks it means come and take them.  It’s what 300 Spartans when ordered to throw down their weapons told thousands of Persian invaders.  This scene was repeated last week in Idaho.  Friends from around the country have been writing me e-mails or sending me messages elsewhere on social media and asking if it’s true.  This is a link sent my way from Breitbart.  Yes, it happened.  A long story short, a Navy veteran living in rural Bonner County received a letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs explaining he was no longer allowed to own firearms.  This from a determination apparently made by a bureaucrat within the VA and part of a new strategy from the Obama White House to disarm political opponents, which includes just about anyone who wore a military uniform.

There was a brief story the following morning on the Associated Press wire.  The AP picked it up from a local newspaper.  Otherwise there is nearly a total press blackout about the story here in the state.

I suspect it’s because the Bonner County Sheriff joined the effort in throwing up a protective cordon around the veteran’s home.  The VA now sheepishly says it doesn’t have the authority to confiscate firearms.  In other words it contracted a proxy who saw the Sheriff and turned tail.  He isn’t the only law enforcer in the state willing to defend the constitutional rights of constituents.  One liberal newspaper in Nampa last week puked venom all over its pages because the Canyon County Sheriff said the President and U.S. Department of Justice created a hostile climate for law enforcement.  In some of the shootings of deputies and police officers over the past year the filthy criminals have cited the frenzy created by Obama and Eric Holder over Ferguson, Missouri, where a small time street thug was killed in self-defense by a police officer.  Recall the White House sent representatives to the funeral of the thug.

Idaho gets a bad rap from uninformed leftists.  They cling to a myth it’s a bastion of white-supremacy and American Nazism.  Never mind the Southern Poverty Law center identifies California as having twenty times the number of hate-groups.  Or that over the last twenty years parts of Pennsylvania have become havens for Klansman and Nazis.  Google recently released a map of the country’s most racist and least racist regions.  Idaho and the Mountain West, truly libertarian redoubts where people are respected on merits, are among the least racist portions of the country.  Much of urbanized Upstate New York is heavily racist.  Those same rustbelt cities are overwhelmingly run by Democrats.

Government has delivered. Courtesy, Bill Colley

People in media, academic, entertainment and government elites wonder why regular Americans are on edge and would support a celebrity candidate for President.  It’s not about the man.  A retired Air Force officer told me this weekend it’s about the message.

Last week a reporter named Rob Bluey from the Heritage Foundation’s Daily Signal attended a county fair in Ohio.  The same night 17 Republicans were battling it out on television in nearby Cleveland.  Rob hit a geyser of anger as he walked the fairgrounds.  Read it here.  I met Rob 8 years ago this month when he profiled an effort I made to petition Congress from the House floor.  He grew up in Utica and I lived for 15 years in neighboring Syracuse.  Two of those bankrupt towns in New York State run by Democrats.  I dropped Rob an e-mail and mentioned I was at a luncheon last week at my local county fair and when I left exited onto an empty and boarded up Main Street.  He replied and mentioned he drove back to Washington from Ohio.  On the way he passed through his dad’s hometown of Jeannette, Pennsylvania.  Same scene.  So was Utica.  So was Syracuse.  I’ve also seen it in Denton, Maryland.  Sidney, Nebraska and Berlin, New Hampshire.

Does government see our plight? Courtesy, Bill Colley

At a conference two weeks ago at Stanford University a scholar from Cato Institute warned government will become more repressive as more of its citizens demand answers and remedies and restoration.  Repression is all Washington has left in its quiver.  Witness Big Brother’s attempt last week to intimidate an old veteran in a rural corner of Idaho.  This isn’t an end.  It’s a beginning.