Monday I made contact with the College of Southern Idaho about the refugee resettlement program.  Here’s what I’m told.  The program shares a board of trustees with the college.  Otherwise these are distinct entities.  The college makes no visible profit from the incoming refugees, unless.  You consider tuition paid by taxpayers for training programs but no one at CSI is going to volunteer any such relationship.

Is the call-to-prayer coming to local streets?
Is the call-to-prayer coming to local streets?

I’m also told staff at the refugee office do as they’re told by Washington.  In other words, creating an Islamic Republic of Idaho is a decision made by the U.S. government.  I think we need to contact our federal Representative and two U.S. Senators and voice our concerns.  Their names and office numbers follow:


Mike Simpson:



Jim Risch:



Mike Crapo:



By the way, one source I found yesterday suggests the first several hundred refugees are on the way but thousands are possibly coming.  A college spokesman suggested the public reaction was bigoted.  I'll concede there are bigots everywhere, however.  A nagging question goes unanswered.  Who are these people?  I'm old enough to remember the Cuban boat lift under President Carter.  The result being a horde of cutthroats roaming the United States.

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