Is John McCain a hero?  He most certainly was 45-years-ago.  Then he became a Republican politician and often disappointed the American right.  I remind you Benedict Arnold was a hero immediately following the Battle-of-Saratoga.  Later the wheels came off.  I’m not calling McCain a traitor in the sense Arnold betrayed his country but remember Syria.  McCain made a clandestine trip there to meet with the opposition.  Later it became known as ISIS.  Oh, McCain and media elites claim it was another rebel band but a great many of those cutthroats McCain befriended now fight under the black flag of Middle Eastern piracy.  President Assad warned us and we insisted he had to operate his country like ours.  Never mind his family allied his nation with the United States in the First Gulf War.  Official Washington was salivating at the prospect of “regime change” across the region and it has left us with even more depravity.  A despotism now threatening us much closer to home as witnessed by an event in Chattanooga, which isn’t an isolated or anecdotal attack.

Unlike Arnold the Senator and former prisoner-of-war didn’t intend to sell out his country but McCain assisted in making us all less secure.

Along comes Donald Trump and McCain starts throwing stones.  Trump replies.  Media goes ape and now you can’t find the actual truth without spending hours in research.  Who has the time?

Sharyl Attkisson sums up the perfidious nature of news media in this link.  She especially targets a newspaper called the Washington Post.  Or Pravda-on-the-Potomac as a fellow telephoning my radio show once instructed.

Speaking of radio I’m off today, however.  I thought this feud between Trump and McCain deserved my attention.  So I’m posting this video with details from Attkisson and the newspaper columnist Salena Zito.  We’ve got to be vigilant and speaking of traitors; increasingly I believe we need to destroy old media.  We’ve watched this journalistic degeneracy for 50 years and there are no signs of improvement.

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