I’m not too worried about today’s Obamacare ruling.  Like most large government programs in an age of debt and national economic decline it’s going to collapse.  Of course the larger implosion will swamp many smaller boats but, hey, it’s what voters wanted, right?

Two quick notes.  This morning there was an obnoxious opinion piece in the Washington Post by E.J. Dee-AWW, Jr.  It’s how Diane Rehm pronounces his name, like a crow imitating a braying donkey.  You can see Dee-AWW’s work here.  Last week an Idaho newspaper suggested we shame legal gun owners in a state where there are more guns than sagebrush.  A few days later legal gun owners marched to the offices of the paper.  The pantywaists inside locked the doors and refused comment for other media.

Legal gun ownership. Courtesy, iStock.
Legal gun ownership. Courtesy, iStock.

Dee-AWW quotes his buddy, Guy Molyneux, who says we need a national shaming campaign.  Molyneux is identified as a pollster.  He cites research showing guns in a home are dangerous for a family.  He’s talking about research done in the 90s and later discredited due to the bias of the liberals reporting the claims.  Which is why no numbers are cited by Molyneux or Dee-AWW!  Molyneux is labeled a progressive, whatever the heck that means.  I’ll give you some inside dirt.  I met Guy Molyneux in late 1984.  He was managing an office in New York City for the Democratic Socialists of America.  He’s a Marxist.  If that’s what progressive means.  The DSA was fronted by Michael Harrington and Ed Asner.  Harrington once debated Jack Kemp on the Phil Donahue Show.  Donahue’s leftist audience ended up cheering Kemp and booing Harrington.  ‘Nuff said.

This morning about 5:00 A.M., Mountain Time, I printed a piece from National Review Online by Kevin Williamson.  He believes the left has reached its high water mark and is now flailing like a cornered beast.  This is a link to his reasoning.  Since I never have enough time in a two hour program to hit all the high points it didn’t get a mention on the show.  Driving home today I heard Rush Limbaugh praising Williamson and he promised a link on his website.  In case you haven’t yet been there I’m also including it because you need to read it in order to graduate, or something along those lines.

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