When I think of the early Christian martyrs they no longer appear through a distant lens.  Events of the last few years and especially last two weeks are hammering the final nails into what may well be the next great wave of martyrdom.  My, Lord, they’re threatening to kill pizza makers!  How did we get here and how has evil become so brazen?  I’m a daily subscriber to several of the writers at Patheos.  Both Protestant and Roman Catholic.  Right now one thought unites them as all catholic in one sense, which means universal, and that is the now acceptable prejudice and purge of faith and the faithful.  You’ll find a link here to one of my favorite writers at Patheos.  Fr. Dwight Longenecker has been an evangelical, Anglican and Roman Catholic.  I believe it allows him to speak for the concerns of a wide swath of Christendom.  Your thoughts?  Especially thoughts on how we can fight back.  Emphasize the point the fight could well be literal.  I heard Mike Huckabee say yesterday this could be the last year he can publicly wish us all a Happy Easter!  If you read the post from Patheos there is one very chilling line:  “There’s this radical incomprehension of religion.”  No kidding.

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