Can we buy plane tickets for disgruntled Muslims and send them packing?  At what point do we acknowledge what they already recognize?  Our cultures aren’t compatible.  The argument a majority of American Muslims are peaceful is irrelevant when a handful of failures blame our culture for their lack of success and then gun down innocents with glee.  From what we can deduce with our own senses it only takes one or a handful to create serious havoc.  I posed a question on-air this week.  You can hear me on YouTube.  Unless you’re an America hating Marxist of the Bernie Sanders ilk, which represents perhaps 5 percent of my countrymen, then your first thought when hearing about the Chattanooga massacre was “Muslims!”  Unlike the shooting at a South Carolina church the give-away this time was the military nature of the targets.  If we ban Confederate battle flags in the belief it instantly ends racism then I guess I can logically call for deportation of the Muslims.  No Muslims in America equals no Muslim terrorists in my country.  I may have a better case than the drooling news media and other fellow travelers clamoring for eradication of southern history.

A potential for danger?
A potential for danger?

Yesterday I had an e-mail from a friend.  Her son was killed in Afghanistan on a rescue mission.  He and his fellow soldiers were on their way to provide medical relief to Afghan citizens, Muslims, wounded in an attack by other Muslims.  I’m thinking of an analogy.  Have you ever encountered an animal with a wound it won’t let you treat because it sees you as the danger?  Instead it would rather die because it can’t understand your sympathy.  It’s a bit like trying to blend two irreconcilable cultures.  This is why I think it’s time to draw a line down a globe and say, “You stay there, we stay here”.  If you choose to savage your own people it’s your business.  Go ahead and kill each other and we’ll stay away.  Just remember, you leave us alone.  Remember American troops liberated the Tennessee shooter's homeland of Kuwait.  It didn't prevent his rage.

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The FBI is overwhelmed by the dumping of Muslims on our shores and any vetting process for what little it would be worth is additionally overwhelmed.  Perhaps it’s all part of Lefty’s strategy to collapse the America he hates.  He respects all cultures but his own and somehow doesn’t see his head may someday be on the chopping block.

Americans are fed up with the dumping of Muslim refugees in our communities.  The same-sex marriage crowd tells us in America the majority rules (since they claim a slight majority now supports them).  If, then, majority makes right, it’s time for the Islamists to be sent packing.

Some leading Republicans aside from Donald Trump are beginning to realize there’s a change in the wind direction or they’ve finally started to understand what you want and what you’re thinking.  Here are Rand Paul and Bobby Jindal giving voice to frustration.  Never mind what the pantywaists at MSDNC think or the opinion writers at the New York Times and Washington Post believe.  The majority isn’t politically correct.  The majority doesn’t live within the Beltway Bubble echo chamber.  The majority isn’t looking for someone to sum up the trouble “elegantly.”  The majority demands action!  This is war.  As Jindal stated we didn’t pussyfoot around in World War Two.  Which for all of you public school graduates was the last decisive win our country had before the military became politicized to meet public relations requirements.

One thing is quite clear.  The Wimp-in-Chief in the White House is hell-bent for appeasement.  Witness the Iranian nuclear deal.  We may not have 18 months to regain our footing.  I think Lefty should learn to fear the enemy more than he fears hundreds of millions who may decide soon it’s time to take matters into their own hands.

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