I just read a despatch from the Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol. The editor is in New Hampshire following the last days before the first in the nation Presidential Primary.  Kristol had a friendly encounter with Donald Trump on Sunday morning. The writer says the candidate is very charming but still should never be allowed to occupy the Oval Office. In case you didn’t know, Kristol was among the “Gang of 22”. The number stands for the conservative media types who took to National Review to denounce Trump as a fraud and a man who could endanger the Republic.

I’m still on the sidelines when it comes to who I’ll support in November but I appreciate Trump’s “kick-ass and take names” approach. It’s the most refreshing thing in politics I can recall since Carl Paladino ran for Governor in New York State back in 2010. I believe Paladino would’ve won had he taken some pointers from Trump. It’s the apologies and groveling before the fellow travelers in media that turns off voters, not how and what you say.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump, Courtesy Getty Images

The public appreciates the blunt-spoken approach. Kristol would be lost at your local bowling alley. In his newsletter just prior to the Iowa Caucus the conservative writer shared his joy at escaping politics for a few hours at the opera! Because as you know working class folks in Buffalo, Keene and Cedar Rapids just love hearing the fat lady sing. The “Gang of 22” isn’t just out-of-touch but come across as elitists and pantywaists in their personal pursuits. We had a brief discussion on-air today about the real enemy and the ultimate collapse of the United States. You can listen to a couple of segments here and here.

By the way, I’ve never attended the opera but I walked to a local private convention hall here in sleepy Twin Falls, Idaho and watched the big game with a few hundred other local folks. We dined on hot dogs, Polish sausage and chicken wings. In my case six wings and three hot dogs. The event cost me ten dollars and I budgeted for it well in advance. I’m sure the opera crowd understands.

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