One of my former co-workers went to the notorious Trump rally in Washington.  My buddy was there as a witness for his radio station.  He found himself standing at the Washington Monument next to a fellow with bison horns and a painted face.  My friend thought something was wrong with the guy.  My friend's name is Jake Smith.  He was a once a TV anchor at the Travel Channel.  He was a safety consultant for a hunting program with Ted Nugent.  Jake consulted on safety issues for Univision and the show Jackass. 

Just as we started seeing spikes in subscribers, YouTube cut us off.

About a decade ago he joined a radio station in Delaware.  We both hosted conservative talk programs.  Last fall we launched a joint YouTube Channel.  Just as we started seeing spikes in subscribers, YouTube cut us off.  We were debating the integrity of the 2020 Election.

Jake left the rally before the march to the Capitol.  He was driving home (it's a two hour trip) when he heard about the carnage.  He was in no way a participant.

Cancel culture doesn't care.  On Monday, an organized band of leftists began demanding he be fired.  These people have been threatening to boycott advertisers.  They've been calling station management and unloading with cuss words.  They've succeeded in the past.  It's why I now work in Idaho.  The "Patriot Purge" is accelerating.

Jake joined me on Magic Valley This Morning on Newsradio 1310 KLIX.  You can listen to his tale by clicking here.

We plan to continue our video efforts wherever we can find a host service.


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