You don’t need to go to the right college to know enough to come indoors when it rains. I’ve spent years pointing out the American left has a serious Robespierre fetish. The left in academia, politics and media believes it knows better and is willing to go to great lengths to coerce the rabble into compliance with Lefty’s world view. Don’t believe they would cut your head off if they could? Check out today’s edition of the Daily Signal. Being a climate skeptic can be dangerous.

For the moment there is a thin wall protecting us from the guillotine. The American right still respects the Constitution and gives voice to liberty, however. It doesn’t mean the self-appointed guardians of conservativism and libertarian values respect you anymore than Lefty. I watch this Rich Lowry guy on TV and read his thoughts and mostly agree with the man. O.K., nearly always agree with everything he thinks and says. Lowry is the editor at National Review, a successor to the late, great William F. Buckley. As effete as Buckley could sound when speaking he could easily steer a large sailboat in rough waters and threaten on national TV to punch the lights out of a debate opponent. Lowry strikes me more as a guy with a 13 inch collar who got into all the right schools and clubs through Mumsie and Poppa. Bill Kristol is another. George Will sounds as if he understands the pain experienced by Martin Prince, the schoolyard patsy on the Simpsons and now has the stage where he can spring his revenge.

Donald Trump
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I don’t support Donald Trump but the scolding schoolmarms of the American right have handed not only the Republican nomination to Trump but possibly the Presidency. Trump has an ear for the street. They’ve got disdain.

Can you imagine Will, Kristol or Lowry working on a loading dock? I’ve done it and found it clears the head and is an 8 to 12 hour escape from worry. Because it’s the only thing you can think about. As an itinerant broadcaster I’ve had to hustle to pay the bills when formats change, ratings shift or I get downsized in favor of syndication. Unloading tractor-trailer trucks at 3:00 A.M. in January at North Syracuse, New York has its challenges. It can be 20 degrees below zero and there is snow and ice and you’re working under a heavy parka and trying to grip massive sacks and large boxes through the thin gloves issued by your employer. I’ll tell you right now Trump has been on construction sites and the man has gotten his hands soiled. He knows what a guy in a hard hat endures, believes and fears.

I’m not sure Rich Lowry can get the same feedback at his tennis club or his expensive seats at Verizon Center. The magazine he edits is taking an extraordinary swipe at the man currently with what looks like a lock on the Republican nomination for President of the United States of America. You can see the conservative firewall at this link. I’m not surprised Glenn Beck is participating. He carved out an anti-Trump position from the moment the billionaire declared. Thomas Sowell? I’m a bit more surprised. Sowell was a laborer before a scholar, although. Decades have passed and the academic may have buried the fellow who worked with his hands. What these people can’t bring themselves to admit is they’re just as trusted as the rest of the establishment, which is to say nobody outside the Beltway likes them. The swells and insiders cheered for George W. Bush as he drove Republicanism into a ditch. A former editor from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch once informed me the second President Bush was a capitalist and not a conservative. Trump clearly is a capitalist but one channeling a huge swath of the American public feeling betrayed. When someone tells you moving the factory to China will be better for everyone in the long run you know the Chinese aren’t sharing tomorrow’s lunch when you go hungry. Whether Trump is really a man of the people is surely open for debate. The same can be said for George Will. I see a pompous, arrogant, condescending man with a rug worse than anything atop Trump’s head.

The fault, Dear Brutus, is not in our stars

But in ourselves…

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