A national reporting center for unexplained aerial phenomenon recently made public the details regarding an Idaho sighting that occurred four weeks ago, approximately 400 miles northeast of Twin Falls.

On July 31, 2021, the National UFO Reporting Center shared its post-investigation details on an incident that took place near the city of Moscow on July 7, just five days after World UFO Day. A north Idaho resident claims to have witnessed an object moving across the sky while changing colors. The duration lasted approximately 30-minutes, according to the NUFORC report.

Idaho annually has had a large number of UFO (UAP) reports to the center. Most recently, a video emerged this past spring that has gotten a lot of attention which shows footage of an unexplained object hovering over an Idaho school.

Some in the UFO community hypothesize that past nuclear fallout in the state could explain the high number of annual sightings. In 1961, Idaho was home to the first nuclear incident in the country that proved to be fatal. The Idaho Falls' incident, known as SL-1, claimed three lives at the city's National Reactor Testing Station.

Bonneville County, in which Idaho Falls is located, was the site of another unexplained sighting months ago that went viral. This incident, in which a large, slender object appeared to hover over city lights, was recorded by multiple persons in the county.

The most recent report ( July 7, 2021) out of Moscow, Idaho, details an object that moved in the sky, while changing from the colors red, to yellow, to green, blue and white.

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