Seriously, how difficult must it be to name a boat? Courtesy, Bill Colley.

Europeans believe we’re barbarians. Many a smug friend in the UK has told me Americans have lost their minds as Donald Trump looks like the Republican Presidential nominee (not one European nation has put a man on the moon). For all the condescension from second and third rate nations it appears sometimes they’ve got their own issues. I came across this post at Media Research Center. As you can see a great many Britons are apparently three sheets to the wind when it comes to voting. As evidenced by the names submitted (and voted upon) for a new exploration boat. Donald Trump or Boaty McBoatface? No wonder they no longer have an empire! Something to ponder the next time we’re bailing them out from totalitarian enemies (and don’t they still owe us for the First World War?)

How steep is Europe's learning curve? Courtesy, Bill Colley.

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