I’m a broadcast lifer.  For nearly 40 years I’ve worked in radio and TV.  Mostly radio and with a few detours between broadcast jobs.  I’ve come to believe it’s about the only thing I can really do on a daily basis.  There are days when I feel like a buggy maker in 1910.  You realize there’s still some business available but from a technological perspective, I’m in antique sales.

There’s an old saw about the railroad industry, which went through a terrible period during the 1950s as air travel ballooned and the Interstate Highway System was birthed.  It was said the railroads would’ve still been in business had management known they were in the transportation business as opposed to only rail.

As I was getting into radio, the obituaries were already being written for stations on the AM dial.  The station I dreamed about working at when I was a kid hired me in 1988.  The following day it went automated and I never worked one day in the building.  Within a year, Rush Limbaugh arrived.  It’s been said he saved AM radio.  What he did was save one AM radio station in every town.  The one that carried his program.  The others sank into obscurity.

There is a story making the rounds and once again it contains the obituary for the AM dial.  Click here for more details.  Electric cars interfere with the radio signal.  The latest research shows 93 percent of Americans listen to the radio every day.  Even if for only a short while.  Many listen only when driving.

This is why my company has made a great effort to simulcast the AM programming on the FM dial.  The company added streaming to the web many years ago and then later came apps for smartphones.  Because we’re not only in the broadcast business, we’re in the communication business.

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