Who noticed that cool looking Boise State University guitar Garth Brooks was playing at his shows this past weekend?  I'll be honest, I noticed the BSU cheerleaders on stage, Buster Bronco on stage, but I missed seeing this cool guitar.  I didn't even know about it until I saw this story break on KTVB.

After hearing about it, most of us thought Garth had his people whip that up to help connect him with Idahoans here on The Blue Turf but that was not the case.  Garth received a package when he got into town and in that package was a pristine guitar custom made with the BSU logo airbrushed in to give it a 3-D look.

The guitar came from Porter Guitars out of Garden City and was simply a gift to the man most say may be the greatest entertainer of all time.  There may have been a tiny part of Brian Porter (owner of Porter Guitars) that was hoping Garth might use it at his shows but that was pretty unlikely.

Brian's phone started blowing up while he was SLEEPING???  Yeah, he was sleeping during the Garth Brooks concert when he found out Garth didn't just get his guitar.  He was on stage putting on what some are saying is the best ever concert Boise's ever seen with Brian's guitar.  YES, his guitar was being displayed to more than 80,000 people and the people LOVED IT!

I think it's so cool how many little stories keep popping up about this past weekend.  It feels like one of those "do you remember where you were when..." moments right?  Hopefully, you were sitting right there at Boise State University with the other 86,000 people witnessing history.  I'll say it again.  Thank you Garth Brooks.  Thank you for treating Boise like it's THE BEST place on earth.  Because it is.  And this past weekend you made it even better.

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