HAILEY, Idaho (KLIX)-A resident Wood River Valley moose needed a second house call by wildlife biologists for an eye infection this week.

According to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, a cow moose who'd had a bad case of conjunctivitis in late 2020 needed another treatment Monday as it bedded down near a residence in Hailey. In December last year Fish and Game officers were able to dart the moose and treat her with antibiotics, which appeared to help. However, the Magic Valley Regional office started to get reports that the moose still had signs of the eye condition and needed another treatment. On February 9, the animal was again darted and anesthetized so it could be treated; the moose also had twine wrapped around her nose.

Fish and Game officer were able to give the moose a second treatment of antibiotics to help the swelling and eliminate the conjunctivitis. Residents in the area have been asked not to approach the moose as she heals as her eyesight is limited. Idaho Fish and Game said it is especially important not to approach a wild animal during the winter as they try to conserve energy.

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